In today’s high tech world, doing research in the library with a book of outdated encyclopedias seems almost archaic. Because it’s important to keep up with the times, and just as important to teach students how to do proper research, there are a number of helpful WebQuests and websites available to educators and students. The following websites are some of the most popular, and most educational, resources to go by.

The WebQuest Page @ San Diego State University
The San Diego University is the place where it all began, and this supportive website is a valuable resource for teachers who want to use the WebQuest model. You will learn the basics of WebQuest, as well as how to ingrain it into your current curriculum and teach your students the best method of utilizing the resources available to them.

WebQuests: Arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification
This website, covering various subjects, is specifically designed for students grades four through twelve. There are a variety of lessons to choose from, including art, math, science, mathematics, and even mythology. There are also valuable and handy teacher’s resources and tools for education to support the WebQuests.

AT&T Knowledge Network Explorer: Blue Web’n
One of the most organized online resources, the AT&T Knowledge Network has over two thousand internet learning sites available for teachers. These learning sites are neatly categorized and divided by subject, format and grade level. It is an almost unlimited tool for teachers and students of online learning.

This site has a vast matrix of the best WebQuests, carefully arranged by content and age to make teaching easier and more structured. If you have a WebQuest design, you can also submit it on this website and gather tips and advice from colleagues and other WebQuests users.

Education World: WebQuests
These original WebQuests, which were created by the editors of Education World, are an excellent resource for teachers to use in and outside the classroom. Full of lesson plans, templates and worksheets, this website has numerous teaching plans and options to utilize in the classroom.

WebQuests are not only an important part of technology planning and online classroom learning, the tools you teach through WebQuests will help your students throughout their entire lives. Online research and learning is the most popular form of research in the world today, and giving students the tools needed now will certainly reinforce those much coveted skills when they get into the workforce.