Scientific Method

The scientific method is one of the most important things any student will ever learn and need to know. However, although it is certainly one of those things educators must ensure students know, the concept of the scientific method can sometime stump students or astound and overwhelm them. The following websites will assist teachers and educators, as well as students, in the uses and applications of the scientific method.

The Science Spot: Scientific Method & More
This website is one of the best teacher resources on the scientific method. Not only does it feature numerous lessons and student activities, geared to introduce students to the scientific method, but it is also laid out in an easy manner that allows teachers to better work the scientific method into their curriculum.

MythBusters: Scientific Inquiry
Myth Busters is one of the most innovative (and fun) ways for students to learn the scientific method. The people of Myth Busters use whatever means necessary to prove (or disprove) science questions or urban myths related to science. It’s a fun way to watch science in action.

Introduction to the Scientific Method
If you’re not ready for a detailed analysis of the scientific method, then this introductory website will certainly help you prepare your class for later and give them a brief, but informative, look into the scientific method.

Steps of the Scientific Method
This website is exactly as described and is a handy, and valuable, resource tool for students. Here you will find detailed steps of the scientific method that can be used in the classroom or as a reference when performing lab work.

Scientific Impressions
Moving out of the lab for a moment, students are able to use the lessons on this website to apply the scientific method to analyze artists and their works. There are three lessons here for teachers to incorporate into the classroom.

A Valid Conclusion? Testing and Reporting on Hypotheses Using the Scientific Method
One of the most important teachings in the scientific method is accuracy and documentation. This website is an excellent resource that backs up those teachings. Here, articles documenting scientific discoveries help students understand why the scientific method is so important, and why being accurate is imperative.

Understanding the scientific method is one of the most important skills you can teach your students. It will help with logical reasoning and deduction, teach accuracy and recording, and assist with future science studies.