You can turn on the television at any time of day and see different news stations for practically every channel. There weather related new channels, global news stations, local news stations, and political news stations, as well as everything in between. Because of the conflicting information between channels, and the vast variety of information we see, it can be difficult for students to understand how to properly evaluate the news. Here are some excellent resources to assist teachers in helping students understand what they see on the news.

Reading Between the Lines
Sometimes determining facts from opinions can be tricky in the world of media, and so this website is an excellent resource for educators to help teach students how to really evaluate what they see and hear on the news and how to properly determine the facts from opinions.

Time for Kids: Classroom
Not all news is age appropriate, and therefore Time Magazine has this website specifically intended for school children between grades two and three, and grades four through six. These separate news sites are more age appropriate in language and subject than regular television news, and will help teachers give students the focus they need when reading or watching the news.

For a look at news in the United Kingdom, this website is perfect. Here you’ll find news, interactive features, and even comments by student peers.

The New York Times Learning Network
The New York Times Learning Network is an excellent resource for middle school students and teachers which features news and background information for students as well as innovative and through lesson plans and resources for their teachers.

CNN Student News
This CNN News website is perfect for stimulating individual thinking. A list of relevant news terms is available on this site to help students understand what they’re reading, and after each news story, there is a list of questions, designed to help students think about the news.

Newsweek Education Program
The Newsweek Education Program is a fantastic way for teachers to build a news-based curriculum in order to better teach students how to watch and evaluate the news. Not only will teachers get helpful tips, but the website also has the latest news stories.

In order for students to truly understand the news, it is important to teach them how to read and listen to the news. These websites are a valuable means for teachers and educators.