Forensic Science

Forensic Science is one of the most fascinating fields of study, and today students are even more interested than ever before. From the new Sherlock Holmes to NCIS, Forensic science is everywhere we look and students are becoming increasingly fascinated by it. The following websites will help you and your students in the wonderful world of Forensic Science.

Forensic Science Lesson Plans
It isn’t always easy for educators to come up with a valuable lesson plan for teaching Forensic Science, however, this website will give you the tools you need to create a lesson plan that is age appropriate as well as fully functional with valuable learning material.

Forensics in the Classroom
One of the best resources for teaching forensics in the classroom, this website includes easy lab experiments that align with nationally recognized standards and safety requirements. The units are well structured and are formulated in a way which allows you to teach them as introductions to basic chemistry ideas, as a means of introducing your students to forensic science, or you can use them as a method of reviewing information which you might have already covered in the classroom.

Fingerprinting: A Lesson on Classification
This website offers you the chance to give your early middle school (or late elementary school) kids a fingerprint activity. One of the basis for identifying criminals is fingerprint technology, and this activity will help you teach your students about different fingerprints while you have them create a useful fingerprint classification system.

Forensic Science: Who Did It?
This fantastic website gives you a hypothetical crime and has your students use the scientific process to solve a fictional crime.

Newton’s Apple – Murder Mystery
Have you ever wondered how forensic scientists really solve murders? This website is the perfect place to start answering that question. Newton’s Apple gives you an easy activity to use to teach your kids hands on how to use forensic science to search for clues and find a murderer.

Forensic Entomology
Not all forensic science is based on fingerprints. Some students will be more interested and fascinated with in depth forensics, and this site will assist you with that. Here you will learn about crime scene technicians, homicide investigators, coroners, medical examiners, and others involved in the death investigation process and how their work is directly involved in solving crimes.

Forensic Science is a fast growing field and getting students interested and involved early will not only attract their interest in studying Forensic Science, but will also help them with very useful deductive reasoning skills.