One of the most valuable skills for our future is Engineering. Engineering is one of the fastest growing fields in the global workforce and students will benefit greatly by learning and exploring this ever growing field. The following websites are designed to make Engineering fun and easy to learn, and are also valuable resources for teachers to assist and guide their students into the wonderfully innovative world of Engineering.

PreK-12 Engineering
This website is an excellent resource for teachers of pre-K through twelfth grade who are looking for ways to incorporate Engineering into their students learning curriculum.
Another excellent resource for educators, this website teaches educators how to apply science and math in the classroom to teach Engineering concepts to students of all ages.

Alliance for Innovative Manufacturing at Stanford University: How Everyday Things are Made
This excellent website created by AIM at Stanford is a wonderful resource for educators and students to really learn and understand how things are made. The website, which has over four hours of valuable manufacturing material, goes through the manufacturing process of over forty different well-known materials. This is a fantastic introductory video to build your students interest in Engineering.

NASA’s Engineering Design Challenges Program
Nobody knows Engineering quite like NASA, and now you can bring NASA into your classroom. This website provides middle and high school students the chance to solve challenging hands-on Engineering problems.

The IEEE Virtual Museum
The history of modern Engineering is just as fascinating as the projects themselves. Through the IEEE Virtual Museum, you can give your students a fabulous look at the way Engineering has evolved over the years, and the inventors who have given us such innovations. Through this website, students have the opportunity to explore the history of engineering and electric technology and to find out how some of the most common everyday things really work.

SWE: Internet Activities Center
If you’re looking for an activity filled website for hands on student learning, then the SWE website is the perfect place to explore. This site includes a list of materials and instructions for grade appropriate Science and Engineering activities with fantastic easy to understand graphics, as well as the National Science Standard that the chosen activity actually supports. You can also test your students’ knowledge with online activities or quizzes.

Engineering is one of the most important subjects an educator can teach; it inspires students to think outside the box as well as encourages them to be creative and innovative with problem solving. These resources will help you learn to help your students in the fascinating world of engineering.