With the threat of global warming and the ever increasing cost of energy resources, it’s important that children today are aware of renewable energy and how to be energy efficient in today’s world. The following websites are excellent resources for students and teachers to learn about renewable energy and to apply that knowledge to everyday life.

Dr. E’s Energy Lab
Dr. E’s Energy lab is one of the most valuable sources of information for both teachers and students. This website has an area that is specifically meant for students, which is known as The Energy Trail. The Energy Trail provides valuable information on renewable energy in a language easy for kids to understand. The Information Zone, which is the area directed towards educators, provides teachers with the information and knowledge needed to teach students about renewable energy.

EERE: Energy Lesson Plans
Sometimes teaching the importance of renewable energy and energy efficiency can leave educators at a loss. These EERE lesson plans, however, have the materials you will need for teaching students renewable energy and energy efficiency with a detailed layout and guided curriculum.

Alliance to Save Energy: Educators
The Alliance to Save Energy is one of the best online resources for educators who wish to teach their students very important real-world skills when it comes to conserving energy. This website is easy to understand and full of vital information that will help you teach your classroom the importance of renewable energy and energy conservation.

Energy Ed Online
Sometimes it’s easier for students to learn from other students, and Energy Ed Online is a fabulous resource for doing just that! This all inclusive website provides links to student-made websites, discussion forums, ideas for classroom projects, information about careers in energy, and much more.

EIA Energy Kids Page
The EIA page is a very valuable resource for teachers of younger kids. This website offers kids valuable energy education through fun activities and memorable facts. This website is a resource that all teachers can utilize.

Energy Quest
Another fun resource for teachers and students is Energy Quest. This site is full of energy-related lessons that keep your students entertained and well-informed, fun energy activities, and a variety of educational games for students.

Using a combination of facts and fun, these websites are designed to help educators make learning about energy interesting, easy and fun. Students will also appreciate the knowledge and skills these websites offer them.