Cyber Safety

In today’s high tech world, the internet has become a staple of everyday life and children have more access to others around the globe than ever before. Because of that open accessibility, it’s imperative that educators and parents know how to talk to kids about internet safety and what to look for. These programs will help you teach your children and students how to stay safe online.

Play it Cyber Safe

A program designed to teach kids the do’s and don’ts of meeting others online and how to avoid online child predators.

STOP Cyberbullying

Important information regarding recognizing and handling this new form of peer bullying.

Get Net Wise

A very important program for keeping informed, as well as one step ahead, of child predators and those who seek out children through online communication. This program also helps you protect your own information from cyber hackers.

Stay Safe Online: Educators

This program is an excellent resource for teachers to learn how to prepare kids to be cyber smart. This program will help you teach your students how to protect themselves from internet hackers and from being victims of other cyber-crimes.


It isn’t always easy to teach kids about the internet, however, this program makes it easy for you. This is the ultimate guide used to inform yourself how to effectively use the internet for as a teaching tool.

NetSmartz Workshop

NetSmartz is another excellent tool for teaching children how to be internet smart and to protect themselves from online predators. This is the same program used by the Boys and Girls Club of America as well as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and is an excellent tool for educators to teach students of all ages and grades.


This is an excellent tool for educators. Kidsmart teaches kids to use the same measures and precautions when they’re online at home as they do when they’re online a school. The information in this program is excellent for both academic progress and internet safety.

Internet safety is important for children of all ages, and it’s equally important that educators know how to teach children internet safety. These online programs will teach you how to speak to your students about cyberbullying, online predators, and other dangerous internet issues. These programs will also give you the expertise to ensure you are able to stay one step ahead of the game.