Technology Planning

Computers are an everyday part of the classroom, and as we move forward with technology it is absolutely imperative that teachers, educators and parents have a technology plan for the classroom. This plan is an integral part of keeping children safe while they’re online as well as making sure that technology is smoothly integrated into the classroom curriculum. Technology planning can be quite complex, but here are some websites designed to assist you and give you ease.

National Education Technology Plan
The Department of Education awarded a contract to help facilitate the involvement of organizations and individuals in developing a strong technology plan to a team made up of the American Institutes for Research, the International Society for Technology in Education, and the State Educational Technology Directors Association. Each association worked closely together with the Department of Education in order to coordinate input from the public and help create a strategic technology plan.

Generation YES: Vision to Action – Adding Students to Your Technology Plan
This document by Dr. Dennis Harper provides research and examples with sample language, models of student action for those who want to make sure student leadership and involvement is actively part of your technology plan.

NSBA Report: “Creating & Connecting: Research and Guidelines on Online Social–and Educational–Networking”
Social Networking is an integrated part of teen life, and with effective technology planning, you can keep kids safe from cyber bullying and establish guidelines for online social networking.

Bellingham Public Schools Technology Plan
The Bellingham Public Schools Technology Plan is an innovative framework for student learning. This technology plan is also a very well laid out statement of beliefs with a direct rationale for creating and continuing to build networked learning environments. It is an excellent example of educational technology planning.

The National Center for Technology Planning (NCTP)
An absolutely essential website for anyone involved in technology planning, this informative site includes a variety of useful information and brochures. There is access to sample school technology plans as well as technology planning aids such as sample planning forms, checklists, and brochures. The information on this website is innovative and extremely helpful.

NETC: Strategic Planning For Technology
Another very helpful website, the NETC provides technology planners with current ideas and valuable resources to aid them in developing effective technology plans for their school or district.

Technology planning is important in today’s high tech world, and it is our job as parents, teachers, and administrators to keep our kids safe while they’re online as well as incorporate that technology into our curriculum.