Science News

It’s important that teachers are up to date on the latest news in the world of science in order to help children be better informed of what’s going on in the world today. There are many websites dedicated to global news and local news, but here are some extremely useful and very informative and interactive websites specifically geared towards Science news.

EurekAlert! Science for Kids Portal
In of the most fun websites for students interested in science, EurekAlert is an excellent gateway to the latest up to date news and happenings in the wide world of science.

National Geographic Kids News: Space and Science
One of the most fascinating aspects of science is space, and children of all ages love learning about space and reading about NASA and current accomplishments. This is the perfect website for teachers and students who want to focus on space science and what’s going on outside the realms of our planet.

Science News for Kids
Science News for Kids is one of the best online resources for children to explore on their own or inside the classroom. This website has articles specifically aimed towards children’s interests. It is also full of book suggestions for continued reading, hands on interactive activity suggestions, valuable web resources for science news and much more.

Science NetLinks Weekly Science Updates
Audio clips can be a very valuable teaching tool, especially for students who have a difficult time reading. This website is perfect for teachers who want to give a more audial approach to science news. It contains a variety of short audio clips on different science subjects, an in addition to that, each clip has classroom lesson ideas and a transcript to reflect on.

NewsHour Extra: Science and Technology Lessons
The NewsHour Extra science and technology lessons are a great place for teachers to gather lesson plans that coincide with the children’s News Hour stories on this site.

The Why Files: The Science Behind the News
If you’re looking for a more in depth approach to science news, The Why Files is a great place to begin your lessons. This website is an informative way to look at the technology, math and science that make up the news of today. These news topics in a clear, accessible, and accurate manner that are not only easy to teach, but also easy to understand.

Teaching science news has never been easier or more fun!