Ict Literacy

We are living in the age of technology, where information travels at light speed from one person to another and we can see people across the world on our hand held phones. Because our technology is increasing at mind boggling speeds, it’s important children are taught ICT literacy and how to use global technologies to their best, and most ethical, advantage for the future. These websites are designed to assist with that.

Research on ICT and Literacy
This is a collection of ICT literacy information that educators can use to collectively pull together the information they have gathered as they teach ICT literacy in the classroom.

ICT Literacy Maps
Have you ever wondered how to incorporate educational basics into ICT literacy? This website is full of “maps” that string together the world of technology and core subjects such as Math, English, Science and Geography in order to better assist educators in their application of ICT in the classroom as well as help bridge ICT literacy with these fundamental subjects.

NCTL | The National Center for Technological Literacy
The National Center for Technological Literacy has a fantastic website for teachers of all grade levels to incorporate ICT into their curriculum, as well as provides an outreach program for reaching out to other schools for interactive learning.

ICT Literacy Portal
The ICT Literacy Portal is a collective resource for global ICT materials, current research information, thought provoking interactive discussions, and interactive dialogue meant to inform and educate students in the world of information technology.

In2Edu’s ICT and Information Literacy Downloads
This website has everything you need to support your classroom through ICT literacy maps and classwork. You will have access to numerous lesson plans for ICT and core educational subjects such as Math, Social Studies and the Arts. There are program guides, manuals, and guided information with plenty of educational resources.

National Educational Technology Standards (NETS): Rubrics
The purpose of this website is to assist teachers and educators in measuring and monitoring the development of student technology literacy. Meant for use throughout the elementary and secondary grades, educators will have fantastic resources for teaching and testing ICT literary skills in the classroom.

ETS ICT Literacy Assessment Tests Information and Communication Technology Proficiency and Computer Skills
The ETS is a supportive guide, which utilizes innovative curriculums and initiatives, to test student proficiency and progress in ICT literacy.

ICT & Literacy
This is a teacher resource site which utilizes excellent resources to teach educators how to use ICT literacy to support writing and reading.

ICT is an important part of today’s world, and it’s imperative teachers and educators have the right resources and skills to teach children ICT literacy and how ot relates to the world today.