The field of genetics is one of the most fascinating fields of science. Today, we have barely even scratched the surface of genetics and the possibilities that stem from the use of out body’s building blocks. In order to interest future scientists, as well as help our students understand this complicated subject, it’s important that teachers have the resources needed to teach their students the fundamentals of this growing field.

Understanding Genetics
Understanding Genetics can be somewhat complicated, however, this online resource is a valuable guide that will help your students learn all about the basics of genetics and how genes are inherited. Other concepts of this website include genetic testing, ethics in genetic research and new therapies, and much more.

Genetic Science Learning Center
This website is an excellent resource for teachers and parents alike. It uses a variety of lab work, experiments, online activities and workshops to explain some of the basic forms of genetics and how genetics relate to our everyday lives.

PBS: You Try It – DNA Workshop
PBS has been an excellent supporter of children’s education for many years now, and this DNA workshop is designed to teach kids the basics of genetics. Children will learn about cell division, DNA replication, and protein synthesis through Science Odyssey and will have a much better understanding of genetics as a whole through this online workshop.

Gene School ’99
An educational site that gives you up to date discoveries in the wonderful field of genetics, Gene School ’99 featuresonline educational games, thought provoking experiments, learning polls, and much more. Students will be taught everything from the basics of genetics to complex genetic application.

Gene Almanac @ Dolan DNA Learning Center
The world of genetics is vast and complex. It can be difficult to explain everything on one website, so the Gene Almanac at Dolan Learning Center has created this Internet Portal of Educational Internet Sites. Numerous subjects are covered includingthe discovery of the structure of DNA, DNA sequencingand basic gene heredity, genetic and hereditary disorders, eugenics, cancer, and even plant genetics. This is a valuable instructional website for educators and students.

Because the field of genetics is ever changing, it’s important that educators stay up to date on the most recent scientific discoveries in this expansive field and that children are taught to appreciate, as well as understand, the importance of genetics for the future of science and how it will affect our lives.