Gardening And Landscaping are a great way to explore the science of plants.  These living things are all around us and provide endless hours of research material and wonder.  If you would like more information on some of the most popular trees and shrubs in the United Sates as well as the world simply use the resources listed below.  Although this is a short list, it can give you some insight into the vast world of plants and trees.

Dogwood Trees – The Tree Center
Great photos of popular dogwood trees like the Kousa Dogwood. Pink Dogwood, Yellow Twig Dogwood and the Red Twig Dogwood.  Although this site features the ability to purchase trees online, the reference guides and general plant information on this site is great for learning about popular trees and shrubs.

Dirr’s Trees and Shrubs – Illustrated Encyclopedia
Michael Dirr, Professor of Horticulture at the University of Georgia, has gathered and compiled the most useful  books on popular trees available today. Widely used by arborists and urban foresters, Trees and Shrubs describe the most appropriate plants to plant by site location and desired characteristics demanded by the gardener.

Audubon Trees — A Field Guide to North American Trees
Identify 716 North American trees with this iTunes “Apps for Earth Day” top pick! Whether on the trail or in your backyard this iPhone app will help you ID leaves, bark, cones, needles, fruits, flowers, and more. Get up-to-date and authoritative species information, brilliant color photos, detailed maps, habitat information on hundreds of oaks, maples, cedars, pines and others popular trees.

Crape Myrtle Varieties – Exhaustive Reference
The Tree Center features an exhaustive blog post featuring everything you truly need to know about crape myrtle trees.  Contains information about varieties, care, mature size and growing zones best suited to cultivate these very popular trees.

Privacy Trees
Also from The Tree Center is a great resource for building a living fence to block out neighbors.  Many people like to use fast growing trees as a way to block out neighbors.  far more appealing than a traditional fence, these privacy trees provide a great addition to any home.

Encyclopedia Of Trees
Stihl (think chainsaw) provides a great online encyclopedia to look up types of trees.  I personally use it all of the time when I am having a hard time identifying a particular tree.