One of the biggest challenges many students face when it comes to grammar and language is editing. Proper editing is a lifelong skill that will help your students now and later as they enter the corporate world. Although it can be difficult to learn correct punctuation, layout, and proper form, these websites have some of the best sources for helping students learn those much coveted editing skills.

Every-Day Edit

Every-Day edit is an excellent resource for teachers of grades four and up. This program helps with literacy, gives educators the means to assist children in increasing their test scores, and it’s a fantastic source for building language skills.

Proofreading and Editing Tips

Proofreading and editing tips are an excellent source of advice from professionals which will encourage, as well as guide, students while learning the editing process.

Teaching Effective Peer Editing Strategies

Not only is this a great resource for teachers to emphasize editing, but it’s also an excellent means for students to learn how to give constructive criticism (an absolute must in the work force). Teaching Effective Peer Editing Strategies is a three part process that places all the work in the students’ hands. Based on compliments, suggestions, and corrections, students will be able to edit their peers and learn more about their own work.

The Goofs

If you’ve run out of homework ideas, or you’re getting a little burnt out on the same old routine, then this is the perfect resource for you! Write On: Editing Activities is a collection of activities to be used to assist students while keeping learning fun.

Write On: Editing Activities

For those students who are aspiring writers or editors, this is the perfect resource. Write On: Editing Activities gives your students the tools and means necessary to write in a manner that can be easily read by people of all audiences.

Glencoe Online: Proofreading Practice Grades 6-8 and Glencoe Online: Proofreading Practice Grades 9-12

This is an excellent source for school aged kids to get real online practice with capitalization, punctuation, usage, and spelling by correcting text passages that are grade level appropriate.

While each individual website has its own advantages, using a combination of these resources will better help your students achieve their goals as they learn to understand proper editing and grammar format. Through practice and guided instruction, your students will be better able to understand the proper way to write and how to edit their work and the work of their peers.